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Hot wheels 80 el Camino - Gonzo’s Garage

Hot wheels 80 el Camino

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Collection: HW Art Cars

Can't you just FEEL the retro vibe jumping off the deco for this casting? The way it pops is just spectacular, even if we do say so ourselves. It's like a burst of one of those party poppers that blasts out confetti and streamers and announces that hey, it's time to party! Even if it wasn't part of the HW Arts Cars mini collection this year, we'd still insist that you have to have it in your collection.

HW Art Cars note: Make sure you get the full set of HW Art Cars. There's a message on the roof of these that spells out "♥ I HE"ART" HW's ♥" when you line them up!

If you have any questions about my stuff, just send me a message so we can talk n stuff.