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Worlds Smallest Magic 8 Ball - Gonzo’s Garage

Worlds Smallest Magic 8 Ball

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Discover your future on the fly with World's Smallest Tie Dye Magic 8 Ball. It fits right in your pocket but works just like the original you know and love with answers that are just a little bit vague, but scaled down to mini size.

It has the answers to all of your most pressing questions. Start by “asking the ball” any “yes” or “no” question then turn it over to see your answer appear inside the window. This novelty toy offers fortune-telling fun and intrigue for everyone!

  • Answers to all your questions
  • Just like the original
  • Funky Tie Dye colors
  • Take it on-the-go!

Measures 1.5 inch diameter. Wipe clean. Made of plastic, ink, steel and PVC. Ages 8 and up.

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World's Smallest Magic 8 Ball Tie Dye Limited Edition
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